What is Utorrent ?

Whta is utorrent
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What is Utorrent ?

uTorrent is a free software which is used to download torrent files from public and private trackers. uTorrent is the client of BiTorrent Inc.  With the help of uTorrent, you can download millions of movies, music files, documents, eBooks, software, games and audio files free of cost.+

uTorrent is available to download free of cost from its official website or the website of BiTorrent. There are premium version of uTorrent also exist in which uTorrent comes up with more features and options, where the premium version is also addles.

The time of the downloading file through uTorrent depends on the file size and number of peers and seeds. It has nothing to do with your internet speed except your downloading speed will not be increased by your internet speed. If there are more number of seeds available to seed a torrent file, then the downloading speed will be high where the a torrent file with low number of seeds will take time to download a file, does not matter that how fast your internet is.

How to create a torrent file?

To share you file with the world through uTorrent, you need to create a .torrent file. First of all you need to download uTorrent from its official website and set the setting as you like in which you set limit of download and uploading files etc. Once you done, then you create a .torrent file through its menu section. A torrent file will only start uploading content with the help of torrent trackers if there is a user who is willing to download the file. The person who downloads the file is called peer where the person who is upload the file is called seeder.

What is seed in uTorrent?

Seeds are those people who have already downloaded a torrent file with the help of uTorrent and now they are uploading from their end so that other people can download it in same way like they did. If there are more seeds, the speed of download file will be high where the other factors like the internet speed of seeds also count. It is not necessary that the person who is seeding a file should download the complete file before seeding. uTorrent will automatically start uploading file even if you have downloaded few bits of the file.

uTorrent provides you many options as seeder to decide that which part of file you want to share with other torrent users at what speed. You can also set your privacy to hide your identity with the help of VPN services like ExpressVPN.

What is peer in uTorrent?

Peers are those people who want to download the file or those people who are downloading the file which has been shared by seeders through torrent. Just like seeders, uTorrent provide you options to set downloading speed and hide your identity by using VPN services like ExpressVPN or proxy etc.

When you download a torrent file, uTorrent automatically start seeding the file so that the other torrent users who wants to download the file can download torrent file easily.

Is it legal to download torrent through uTorrent?

This is a long going debate and every country has their own laws regarding to downloading and uploading a torrent files. Generally, sharing data on content is not illegal as long as you are not sharing the copyright stuff or data without the permission of the data owner. In some countries, there is no law regarding to online piracy exist, which means that you are free to download and upload files from torrent with the help of uTorrent. Where some countries like USA, Canada, England and Australia are very restricting regarding to online piracy.

According to laws of different countries like America, you can be jailed and heavily file for downloading or uploading the copyright content without the permission of the owners. In past few years, where have seen many cases in American and England, where users who shares copy right content through uTorrent client has been jailed for many years and also fined in millions of USD.

So, before you download or upload a file through uTorrent, you should consider getting information about the online piracy law of your country or the place you are living. In USA, downloading a torrent file is not illegal in all states but in most of states there are laws against uTorrent. But when it’s come to sharing your own owned file, then there is no law works. You are free to upload your content with the help of torrent clients where the people who are download your content can easily download it without worrying about piracy.

Usually Asian and African countries allow you to download and upload torrent files. Some of North American countries have very soft law regarding to torrents. So, if you get the IP address of those countries where you can download a torrent file, then you can also download it in your country even if the downloading torrent file is crime there because with the help of online IP address, you got the new identity of your computer or mobile etc.


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How to download torrent safely?

Downloading and uploading a torrent file with the help of uTorrent is possible even if it is not allowed in your country or your internet service provider has blocked the torrent websites and trackers. This could be done with the help of proxy and online VPN services. The VPN service providers change the identity of your computer and provide you a new identity of your desired country. With this process, you can download and upload the torrent files safely without worrying about the piracy law of your country. Read More About Proxy VS. VPN

Choosing between proxy and VPN services could be a bit difficult for you if you have not used them before.  I suggest you to go with VPN services like Express VPN if you are willing to run uTorrent client without worrying about your privacy and online security. Learn more is uTorrent is safe or not.

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