What Is A VPN ?

what is vpn
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What Is A VPN ?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a method which is used to hide your IP address, get better internet security and open blocked website. VPN is usually used by companies to protect their internet activities including sensitive data but now a days due to privacy issue many individuals worldwide are using VPN to keep their internet activities private. Let’s take an example that how virtual private network works. Suppose you are living in New York where you are not allowed to download or upload a torrent file, what will you do? With the help of VPN, you will get a new identity for your internet connect. This will allow you to use your internet with a new identity from other country of world e.g. Japan.

Indeed, VPN increase privacy of use by providing a private network and artificial IP address but VPN is not only about protecting your privacy. Now a days it has been usually used to download and upload torrent files, surf those websites which has been blocked by governments etc. People also use VPN to get new identity of their desire country to avail their services. For example Netflix’s website does not work in Asian countries but with the help of VPN, a person living in a Asian country can get identity of an American used (USA based IP address) to surf and watch movies on Netflix.

How do VPNS work?

how vpn work

VPN works in very simple way. You need to use a client program which has been provided by your VPN service provider. You login to your VPN connect on your computer or any other device like mobile, tablet etc and allow server to establish a connection for you. When you try to surf websites or download torrent, VPN will not transfer your original IP address location but it will provide you a new IP address of your desire. When you enter a URL in web browser, the request will be sent to VPN server instead of your original internet service provider. Even your internet service provider will not able to caught you with your new IP address.

In past, people use to have private groups to exchange their internet connection among countries but now finding a private group which is willing to exchange their internet to create a virtual private network is impossible. That’s why there are many companies who has started to offer free and paid VPNs services which come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of using VPN:

We have already seen some of the functions and benefits of using VPN at home and workplace. Let’s take a look at more advantage we get with the help of VPN.

VPN provides you better internet security: When you are connected with a virtual private network, you data and any information regarding to your internet activities are encrypted. No one can access them, including hackers, your internet service providers and the government.

You get freedom to change your IP address: VPN allow you to change your IP address of your desired country through which you can access the blocked content on your internet.

VPN allow you to download free content through torrent: Using torrent is illegal in most of the world, but with the help of VPN, you can freely download and upload torrent files like music, movies, video, eBooks and software without worrying about to getting caught, fine and jail.

VPN is extremely cheap: VPN cost you very low while there are many free VPN service providers too but they come with very limited internet speed and features. Paid VPN cost you very low while you can use internet on VPN without worrying about security and freedom to surf content of your choice.

Open blocked websites and services with the help of VPN: One of the main reason people use VPN is to unblock websites and bypass filters set by government or network providers in office and working place. VPN allow you to access those services which are not reachable to your country like Netflix, Hulu, BBC Player etc.

Other benefits: Other than the above benefits, VPN makes file sharing on single VPN server very easy and fast just like transferring data from one computer to another. VPN could help to improve the productivity at company level if it has been used to secure privacy, protect their online data and make file sharing easy etc.

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN:

free vpn VS paid vpn

Without any second choice, you should got with paid VPN service providers because free VPN come with very limited features where there are thousands of people are using the same server which makes your internet connection extremely slow. Other than slow speed, free VPN also places adverts on web pages to earn money, they offer your very limited internet speed and very few features.

One of the main disadvantage of free VPN is that they did not allow you to use their VPN services on torrent clients like utorrent and bittorrent which means that you cannot download, seed and also even upload a torrent file with the help of free VPN service providers. Free VPN service providers also provides you the list of very limited countries and it is not necessary that they offer you the country you are willing to connect with.

On other hand, paid VPN service providers offers you many features and option to surf internet without any restriction. First of all, they has many servers all around the world, which allow to limit number of users on per server. By doing this, they increase internet speed. The less users use the server, the more internet speed  you will get. The main advantage of using paid VPN that they allow you to download, seed and upload torrent files. You can download unlimited movies, music, eBooks and free software. Paid VPN also come up with a big list of countries.

ExpressVPN is a great example of paid VPN service providers. They did not just allow you to use their virtual private network on desktop but also on different devices including Smart phone. They also developed software and applications for mobile users to use VPN easily.


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