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VyprVPN Review 2017

Vyprvpn review
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VyprVPN Review 2017:

VyprVPN is a popular VPN service provider for both home and business users. It is known for its best internet speed and number of different features of security and privacy protections which are usually not provided by other VPN service providers or you have to pay extra money for them. Today, I am reviewing VyprVPN’s services including their price plans and customer support to help you whether you should purchase them or not.

Pricing and Plans

The basic plan of VyprVPN is 100% free for everyone but it’s come up with very limited data usage option but you can enjoy all the features of VyprVPN in their free plan. Total monthly usage in free plan is 500 MB including all the features like openVPN, PPTP, and L2TP etc.

There are free premium plans VyprVPN offers which starts from US $6.67 per month only to US $10.00 per month. The basic plan which cost only $6.67 per month includes only 1 connection with the option of unlimited data usage, this plan only includes PPTP option. The Pro plan of VyprVPN cost only US $8.33 per month in which you can enjoy all the features of VPN including option of 2 Simultaneous connections and unlimited data usage option. The Premier plan which cost US $10 per month includes 3 Simultaneous connection along with unlimited data usage option and freedom to enjoy all the other features.

All of these plans includes option of unlimited server switching, VyprDNS, 24 hours free customer support and free applications and software for Windows, Android, iOAS, Linux and Mac etc.

VyprVPN also offers VPN solution for business in USD $299 per year in which 3 users are included where one additional user can be added in US $99 per year. VyprVPN accept multiple payment methods including PayPal and Visa Card etc.

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Features and Benefits

VyprVPN offers all the basics and advance features of VPN which other VPN service providers offer like unblock, block content, ability to change identity of your choice by selecting IP address from thousands of IP addresses and server and download torrent anonymously. But other than these features VyprVPN offers the following features and benefits for their customers:

Wordwide server network:

VyprVPN offers more than 50 server locations worldwide which includes more than 200,000 unique IPs and 700+ servers across the 5 continents. You have options to switch to any IP address as many as time you want. All the 200,000+ IPs are active 24 hours a day. So, you don’t need to wait for specific IP to get online.

No 3rd Party includes:

Usually, other VPN server provide their services by including the 3rd part like data transfer or for application solution but for the protection of users and their privacy, VyprVPN has not includes any third party to provides you their services. VyprVPN own their all VPN servers all around the world which works fast and provides you 100% privacy to use internet without new identity.

Custom application and software:

VyprVPN come up with their own custom VPN software for Windows users to use VPN while there is mobile application available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac users. The application of VyprVPN is easy to use, free to download and operates very smoothly. Just simply open their application, select server and IP address of your choice and get access of VyprVPN.

Free NAT Firewall:

VyprVPN offers free NAT Firewall to all users to provide them extra layer of protection, security and privacy. Whether you are using VyprVPN on your mobile or computer device, the NAT firewall works for all the operating systems. NAT Firewall till protect your devices from hackers and bots. NAT Firewall is highly recommended for those who use VyprVPN on mobile devices on public Wi-Fi connections to surf internet without the worry of privacy breach.

Chameleon VPN:

Many people don’t know but government can still censored internet even if you are suffering internet through proxy or VPN. VyprVPN provides you Chameleon VPN which allow you to access those websites and content which has been blocked by government even on VPN server. This has been done with the help of OpenVPN 265 bit protocol. Chameleon VPN is offered by very few VPN service providers.

Speed test

After testing the speed of VyprVPN, I have noticed that it provides very smooth and fast internet speed. I have not noticed any buffering or disconnection while watching movies on Netflix and Hulu while all of their servers were pretty active 24 hours a day. So, if you are looking for a VPN, which provides you best internet speed and matches with your original internet connection then you should consider to purchase VyprVPN.

To test internet speed of VyprVPN, you can take advantage of their free trial and judge before you actually purchase their premium plan.

Customer services

According to VyprVPN, they offer 24 hours customer service on seven days of the week. You can contact with them through several ways like live chat, email support and ticket support system. According to their current customer reviews, VyprVPN is not really good in term of provides you good customer services on time. They usually reply back to open ticket after 12 hours while there is no option for telephone support which means no way to content with them to get urgent support. May be their business client has access to telephone support but this option has not been provided to home or personal users. So, if you are signing up for VyprVPN, keep in mind to not get instant help from their support team in time of need.


I will rate VyprVPN 4 out of 5 on the bases of their features and internet speed connection. Customer support may be not something every one counts but it is very important for me when I spend money online while VyprVPN’s premium rates are very high as compare to other VPN service providers but at the same time we should keep in mind their good internet speed option.


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