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Expressvpn Voted #1 Best VPN Service On The World 2017

ExpressVPN Review

Internet has provide us freedom to express, freedom to explore the world and freedom to make our life easy with this technology. But it is not smooth as its sound like. Due to crimes, security issues, terrorism, national and international cencorship we can’t really enjoy the “real” internet without using VPN services. Virtual private network provide use security, hide our IP address to protect us from hackers and other people who try to access our online activities. But shop VPN service provider is not also a frustrating thing because each and every VPN service provider claimed to proving the best services. To make it easy, today I am sharing the review of ExpressVPN which is known number 1 VPN service provider all around the world.

ExpressVPN Introduction:

ExpressVPN is known number one VPN service provider due to many reasons. But most popular reason behind its popularity is hundreds of servers in 87 different countries. There is no other VPN service provider who offers you that much servers in so many countries. Yes, there are some VPN providers who may offer you hundreds of servers in different cities but not in 87 countries while ExpressVPN is also working to expand its network in other countries as well.

The list of their server is too long. You can get identity of almost any country through their big list of servers. They includes many countries from all different continent which includes America, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Australia and North Africa as well. With so many servers options, you can access content of any country very easily without worrying about your privacy.

This amazing VPN provider is a perfect choice for both business use and home use because they did not just provide you option to change your IP address but also provide you full control on your privacy, online security and Wi-Fi hotspot protection so no one can access your device and your online activity.

Price and Plans:

expressvpn price review

ExpressVPN offers three different types of plans to purchase their services. Basically these three packages has same features, speed and unlimited bandwidth, the only different is price and discount. If you select to pay per month, then they will charge you $12.95 while you can also get 35% discount by paying for whole year which also makes only $8.32 per month. To make is more flexible, they are also offering 6 month plan only in $9.99 per month option. ExpressVPN may be looks bit expensive as compare to other VPN services but they are providing extremely fast internet speed which you could not found anywhere else.

Money Back Guarantee:

Express VPN also offers you 30 days money back guarantee, so don’t worry if you are using ExpressVPN for the first time. Consider these 30 days as your free trial and if you are not happy, get your funds back 100%.

Payment Options:

expressvpn payment option

Unlike other VPN provider, ExpressVPN offers you more than 30 different ways to make your payment. These payments methods includes, PayPal, Bitcoin, Debit card, Credit card and other wire transfer options.

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What is include?

With each purchase, you will get the following services:

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth and server switch option. Freedom to download as much as content you want.
  2. Applications for mobile, desktop and laptop which support all operating systems including iOS, Mac and Android.
  3. Access to super fast VPN servers in 87 countries and 136+ cities with super fast downloading speed.
  4. 100% uptime, strong and secure encryption and simultaneous connection one device and one computer at a time.
  5. Option for 30 days money back guarantee is available on all three packages.

That’s not it, you can also get free access for VPN through their referral program as well.

Features and Security:

1.Access any site:

A website could not be access due to two main reason, whether it has been censored by your government or the website does not provides their services in your country. But with the help of ExpressVPN, you have assess any website without worried about censorship and avail access to those services which are not available in country by getting IP address of the country.

2.View blocked websites from anywhere:

A website could be blocked by your government or internet service provider in school and work. VPN provide your opportunity to view blocked websites from anywhere. Simply login to your ExpressVPN and select the some other country or city to get new identity. You server will not caught you while you can enjoy the access of blocked websites and online services like Skype, YouTube and Facebook etc.

3.Avoid censorship and surveillance:

When you connect with ExpressVPN, you get totally new identity of new place. The censorship and survelliance does not works and apply on you anymore. VPN does not just allow you to access those websites but also provides you privacy and no one knows that you have visit the specific website.

4.Protect your identity:

Online privacy is a big concern. Everyone is worried about their online privacy. Your activities can be traces, your online content can be read. But not anymore with the help of Express VPN because its protect your identity and give you anonymity of whole new person.

5.Stay safe from hackers & thieves:

Hackers and thieves will not able to trace your important data including financial details which you have mention on a website during online purchase.

6.ExpressVPN don’t monitor or log your activities:

Even Express VPN do not monitor your activity. They do not have ability to store log your activity. According to them, ever person has fundamental right of their privacy so they has no such feature to view your activity.

7.Prevent third parties from tracking you:

Google, Facebook and ads who track your online activities through cookies file and use them in future to run ads and online surveys etc.

8.VPN apps for every device:

ExpressVPN is not limited to one of two devices but you can use their services on all different devices including laptop, notebooks, desktop, tablets and Smartphone etc.

9.No tech skills required:

ExpressVPN is very easy to use. Just download the software in your computer or application on your mobile phone, install it, and start the program. Select your new identity and click start button.


Its work on all operating systems including Android, Max, OS, iOS and Windows and different types of internet connection like wires, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G etc.

Speed Test:

expressvpn speed

Speed is the most important thing you care about when you purchase VPN services because if you did not get the ideal speed then your whole experience of using internet would be wasted, that’s why VPN service providers are known for their data transfer speed they are providing. A good quality VPN service provider provides you the same internet speed ratio which you are getting without VPN.

I will rate speed test of ExpressVPN fiver star because you will receive the same internet speed what your original internet is getting. Whether you use it on regular internet connection or 4G, you will never be disappointed with the speed and sever time at all. So, if you are receiving 24 Mbps speed without using VPN, then you will receive minimum 20 Mbps speed with VPN. For better experience and speed test, use ExpressVPN on 3G or 4G.

Customer Support:

There are very few VPN service providers which are famous for their excellent online customer services, ExpressVPN is one of them. They are providing five star 24 hours and 7 days services to their customers. Their website provides free tutorials, how to set VPN, how to use their software and application to run VPN smoothly while their FAQ section cover the solution of almost all of your questions. Even still if you need any help, just chat with their super active support team through live chat option. They will solve your problem with no time. Its keep your chat log so you can get help in future as well. Their online ticket (email form) option is also great, they usually reply back within 1 to 2 hours only.

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Pros of ExpressVPN

  • Availability to get IP address from 87 countries
  • More than 136+ cities available in VPN list
  • Unlimited bandwidth and option to switch servers
  • 35% discount on purchase of whole year
  • More than 30 different payment methods available to purchase
  • Easy to use on all different operating systems, Windows, Android, iOS and Mac
  • P2P sharing available including torrent clients like utorrent etc
  • 24 hours live chat option available
  • Fast response to online ticketing (less than an hour)
  • 30 days money back guarantee option available for every one
  • Earn free VPN services through their referral program.

Cons of ExpressVPN

  • Bit expensive as compare to other VPN

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