Best Hotspot Shield VPN Alternatives for Netflix USA

Best Hotspot Shield VPN Alternatives for Netflix USA
Written by Jason Lampard

Which are the best Hotspot Shield alternatives for Netflix USA? Hotspot Shield (also known as “AnchorFree”) is a VPN provider that unblocks geo-restricted channels, as well as websites for users browsing from any location in the world. After testing it out, I discovered that a user cannot watch US Netflix overseas as a Netflix proxy error message kept reappearing. “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy”. As a user, I kept wondering if Hotspot Shield is any good, and if not, what the best Hotspot Shield VPN alternatives for unblocking American Netflix overseas could be.

Hotspot Shield VPN – Does It Work with US Netflix?

After unsuccessfully searching for Hotspot Shield’s free ad-supported version, I signed up for the 6 day trial offer that I could find. At the end of the trial, I got to know that I’d need to buy the “Hotspot Shield Elite”. At the end, I wanted to delete my account, but I couldn’t find the option to do so. These reasons really encouraged me to look for a Hotspot Shield alternative. One that would circumvent any geo-blocks and stream US Netflix outside USA.

Hotspot Shield VPN and User Privacy

For individuals whose bulk of work is done online, Internet privacy is a top concern. This is why the only VPNs that should be on your shortlist are those that:

  • Promise to not infringe your rights by giving out your private information to third parties.
  • Assure you that no record of your browsing activity is kept.

Here’s a section of Hotspot Shield’s privacy policy:

AnchorFree may provide Personal Information to third-party service providers who work for AnchorFree and who may contact you to notify you of occasional updates or other information relevant to our Service

Always remember that protecting a user’s privacy is the highest concern for any serious VPN provider.

The Best Hotspot Shield VPN Alternative for Netflix USA

If the Netflix proxy error keeps appearing on your screen, then maybe the VPN you’re using to unblock Netflix abroad simply isn’t working. Hotspot Shield’s free alternative also proves to be slow and full of adverts.

One of the top-tier VPN alternatives that ensures you can change your region to Netflix USA is ExpressVPN:

  • ExpressVPN offer 24/7 live customer support.
  • They’re one among a few providers which still support American Netflix.
  • ExpressVPN have VPN apps for Android, Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad.
  • They offer a 30-day money back refund.

A List of Other Hotspot Shield VPN Alternatives

Apart from ExpressVPN here are other quality VPN providers that you can consider. Keep in mind I have not tested all of them with American Netflix.


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Hotspot Shield VPN Alternatives for Netflix USA – Conclusion

The Internet is full with free VPN alternative providers who aren’t keen on providing good quality service. A large number of them don’t work, and for those that do, it’s at frustratingly slow speed. For the best streaming experience, sign up with a reliable VPN provider that actually allows you to watch American Netflix in UK, Australia, Canada, or elsewhere abroad.

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