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Surfeasy VPN Review 2017

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Surfeasy VPN Review 2017:


Accept it, without VPN, you could not enjoy the real fun of internet due to international, national censorship, security issues, privacy concern and freedom to download/upload torrent files and folders. Majority of countries worldwide do not allow you to download torrent and if you did, you could be fined and jailed. For example in USA, UK, Canada and England etc. you are not allowed to use your internet to download and upload torrent files. On other hand, countries in Middle East like UAE, Qatar, Egypt, and Oman etc, you are allowed to take advantage of torrents but you are not allowed to visit adult websites due to censorship by government and law. So, having a reliable VPN is one of the most important aspect if you really want to take 100% advantage of internet.

Selecting a VPN provider is not easy job because every one claimed to be best in term of security, privacy, customer support and speed but you can’t judge until you purchase and use it. To make it easy, today I am sharing with you the review of popular VPN provider called Surf Easy which will help you to judge that whether you are going to purchase it or not.

SurfEasy Introduction:

SurfEasy is an Canadian based VPN service provider which is part of world popular web browser Opera. SurfEasy promise to provide you easy to use protection in reasonable prices while they also offer privacy solution through VPN to all users, whether you are using internet on desktop, laptop, notebook or Smartphone, SurfEasy offer valuable security solution to everyone.

They are based in Canada but they are offering their services from 13 different countries which includes countries like USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, France, Australia and Japan etc. The purpose of having 13 different location is to make sure that their customers are receiving valuable services which includes security concern, privacy and internet speed.

Plan and Pricing:

To make it easy choice for customers, SurfEasy offer only two plan to purchase in two different prices; monthly billing and yearly billing. The benefit of purchasing both plans is that you have choice to cancel any time of the year while you will be only charge for VPN after 7 days of free trial. Most of VPN service providers offers you free trial for different day. SurfEasy is a cheap VPN provider. You need to pay only 3.99 USD per month if you selected to pay for whole year while you can also select option to pay on monthly bases in $4.99 USD per month. In both plans, you will get equal features, which includes:

  1. Option to use VPN on fiver devices which includes: Laptop, Desktop, Mobile, Smartphone and Tablets.
  2. Unlimited data transfer option. Yes, you can use as many as bandwidth you want with no worries.
  3. Free software for desktop and mobile application which make it easy to connect with VPN server.
  4. Access to 13 different regions which allows you to get identity of dozens of other countries.
  5. Free 7 Day trial for everyone including option to cancel your purchase any time and get refund.

Overall on the bases of pricing and plan, EasySurf is a good VPN provider except they did not allow you to take advantage of free trial without submitting your credit card information. You also have option to pay through PayPal.

Features and Benefits:

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1.Anonymous Web Browsing:

A great solution if you are worried about your web browsing activity. Your personal information including phone number and photos can be easily track with your browsing record including credit card information you had submit while purchasing something online. To make your web browsing anonymous, SurfEasy provides you the following web browsing features:

2.Stay Safe Online

Once you go online, your privacy count be explode if you are not using protection like VPN. Your physical location can be easily tracked on the bases of your IP address. SurfEasy provide you new identity to keep your online surface secure.

3.Protect your Privacy

Companies and popular websites track your information for their marketing purposes while hackers can also take advantage if you privacy is not protected and hack your finance information. SurfEasy VPN give assurity of your privacy protection by not recording anything from your browser record.

4.Hide Your IP Address

With the help of SurfEasy you can easily hide your IP address and get the identity of new location and person. By hiding your IP address, you can easily escape from online tracking, travel world from your desk by getting identity of different countries which means that you can enjoy better deals and services which are not available in your country. For example if you are living in England then you can’t have full access of Netflix but by hiding your IP address, you can get new US based IP address which allowed you to watch Netflix and other services like this.

5.Unblock Websites

Majority of people use VPN to unblock websites and other content including torrents. You can sidestep firewall at work or school, escape from censorship and find best online content anywhere in the world with SurfEasy VPN services.

6.Wi-Fi Security

Once you connect your device with Wi-Fi connection, your all data could be traced by the server admin, especially when you use Wi-Fi on public places like coffee shop, gym etc. VPN secure hotspots, keep your personal information safe and protect your devices etc.

Speed test:

We have used several online tools to analyze the downloading and upload speed of Surfeasy VPN. Overall it works fine on different DNS like Google. We have test several IPs offered by Surfeasy to make sure that the speed works fine on all of them and surprisingly its works. There was some glitch when you change the IPs, but over all time give us good result. The average downloading speed we received was 2.2MB/s but this could be vary on your original internet speed as well.

Youtube Video buffering was smooth and did not received any issue to play videos in 720p while we have to wait a bit to play 1080p videos. For a home user this is an ideal speed of VPN to receive.

Customer Support:

Customer support is one of the most important thing you need to think about when you purchase virtual products like VPN because it is the only way to get your problem solved. Surfeasy provide 24 hours online support. You can call them to queries solved instantly. Their online ticketing system is easy to submit the ticket but unfortunately they did not replied very quickly as we have expected.


Pros of SurfEasy:

  1. Good quality of VPN provider in very cheap prices
  2. Physical VPN device available in $64
  3. Great discount on yearly package
  4. Free 7 days trial for everyone
  5. Software and application available for all devices
  6. Five simultaneous connection for everyone
  7. Multiple active IPs available 24 hours
  8. Servers located in 13 countries.

Cons of SurfEasy:

  1. No P2P available, which means that you cannot use SurfEasy for torrent
  2. Customer support was bit slow. We have to wait for about 24 hours to get response
  3. There is no feature available to control Bandwidth.

Click Here To Go To Surfeasy VPN Official Website


We will rate SurfEasy 4 out of 5 start because no P2P available which is a big disadvantage for you if you are an active P2P share user (no torrent allowed). Another reason for 4 star is slow customer support, especially if you are writing them a ticket to solve your problem.

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