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PureVPN Review 2017

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PureVPN Review 2017:

PureVPN impresses with a comprehensive website which is easy to navigate. I find the quality of PureVPN is amazing. However, initially I felt there is a lot to assimilate when I searched the website, and of course, it is not very difficult to find important information about VPN service, and about the devices. I can guarantee you that this is the best tutorials I have seen.   Also, I felt the performance is good compared to any other provider, I can easily recommend PureVPN at any time. However, there are some glitches concerned with privacy because PureVPN is the best match for the large scale of uses and users. I am totally convinced with the service. The service lives up to the mark by providing great software and great speed, and I give 3 stars for PureVPN.

Pricing and Packages

purevpn review

PureVPN offered big discount on the longer period package, as I signed up for the 12-month package.

PureVPN service also offered me a 3-day free trial offer and they said if I am not satisfied with the product they will return the money in 3 days.  This trial offer helped me see how it really works, as it allows you  to use around 500MB of data,  so I checked if  the product is satisfactory or not.

Payment Option

Payment methods accept many Methods LikePayPal and standard credit / debit card options, as well as bank transfer and bitcoin and Payza choices and more.

Customer Service

PureVPN service claimed that they provide customer support services 24/7, and I am happy to say that they are true to their claim. I am totally happy with their customer support services. A live chat option is the best.  Definitely.


PureVPN also offered STS (support ticketing system), it is an expanded FAQ section, and it is a considerably active forum.  The provider is also on social media, and they provided email facility to reach them quickly for any related questions and queries. But, they did not provide any telephone support, which I felt, little odd, but anyhow, they gave answers to all my quires immediately through email.

Security & Privacy

I felt with PureVPN service it is easy to determine the technology. The service supported L2TP/IPSec protocols, PPTP, SSL and SSTP with 128-bit encryption, which they did not mention on their price package page, but they mentioned in their tutorials. The service also provided privacy policy details on their website.  In privacy policy, they clearly mentioned that they will not reveal any particulars about the usage of the account unless if it is required for the law-enforcement department.  AS they claimed the privacy of the user is completely encrypted, which is actually not completely true. But still.

Installation & Configuration

Mac Installation

PureVPN providers sent Mac setup instructions through email. I followed the course recommended by the provider, and downloaded the connectivity software for the Mac, it downloaded .dmg file which is a standard installation file.  Once the file is downloaded, it prompted to PureVPN software to the applications folder, when I opened the application, I was very happy to see clear and easy accessible Dialer program, which is quite different from a regular VPN client.

Mac Dialler

To enter the dialer, I have to provide the password and username of VPN, which was given by the user through email. I selected protocol L2TP or PPTP and selected the country from the list.  Just to test, I selected PPTP protocol, and country UK and pressed connect button, to my surprise the program asked me to install “Helper Tool”, so as asked I installed the tool and pressed connect, immediately it connected to VPN without any trouble.

Once it connected to VPN, it asked for the confirmation of UK IP address, after I pressed ok button, it allowed me to use region-locked content.  I disconnected the connection, just to try different servers located in different countries, with both L2TP and PPTP, and every time the connection was successful and fast.

Dialler also offers other functionality; I really liked the functionality as it gives more that what the other providers offer.  Initially, I selected server selection tool, which helped me connect to the best server based on the service that I want to use like privacy, poker, or media viewing.

Server selection

The setting page facilitated me to understand how the service works when you start the computer, and with the web-based order pages, I connected to the billing page to utilize other services.


The service supports Android, PC, iOS, and Mac, and also, they offered setup guides for routers like Linux and others. To check, I gave WA (windows application) to see how it works with Mac, and it provided the same speed to Mac as well.  The PureVPN offers the best features including NAT malware and firewall protection and kill Switch, Split tunneling, and Smart DNS.

Unlimited Bandwidth

The best feature of the PureVPN is the service offers unlimited bandwidth, this feature allowed me to browse all my favorite website, play games online and watch the latest movies. But, the PureVPN fair-usage policy does not allow us to exceed 200 sessions per day limit, which is fair enough.

The other feature that I liked a lot in PureVPN is, once we install the firmware, it keeps track of bandwidth and logging information, and it terminates the account for any illicit activity.

Finally, the pros of the PureVPN service include amazing software, outstanding support, good performance on both mobile and PC and for free account credit I got rewards. I am not sure about Open VPN support, zero logging policy, discounts for unlimited packages and ‘standard’ plan.  Overall, PureVPN is definitely the best PN solutions that I feel and I can also easily recommend it to my friends.

Everything is good about PureVPN, the best designed and top quality client software, guides, tutorials. Though, you spend little more it is totally worth it.  I felt the unlimited plan is at little too high-end, but again when you get so many features why not to choose the best. Their customer service is amazing, they provide high-quality support, and reply to our emails immediately. Totally worth trying PureVPN, if you don’t trust me then, try it yourself; I am sure you will agree with me. Good Luck.

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