Proxy Vs VPN

proxy vs. vpn
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Proxy Vs VPN:

For a newbie it could be difficult to decide between VPN and Proxy. Indeed, both of them provides you new identity to view blocked content on internet but it does not mean that you can enjoy the same types of features on both of them. Usually the proxy services are free to use because the owners of proxy earn by serving ads where VPN servicers are not usually free because they are addles and come with more features which are not possible enjoyable in proxy. Following I am sharing a comparison between VPN and proxy which will help you to decide that what should you get to enjoy internet with more freedom and better internet speed.

Browser security:

Both, proxy and VPN are mean to provides you browser security. You can surf internet with anonymous IP address which changes your location and you can view those content which are banned in your country or internet without worrying about your privacy and security. But overall, VPN like Expressvpn provides you more browser security because its offer data encryption, encrypted internet connection and mobile service encryption which are usually not provided in proxy.


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Works with Multimedia:

VPN works smoothly with all types of files, whether you want to play games online or install a application, you won’t need to be worried about but in proxy services you may have the limited access of games and application because usually java and other web languages are block and does not pass through the blockage due to which you did not get full access of app types of files.

Works with different devices:

Proxy websites are usually designed for web users that’s why they did not work properly on Smartphone and tablets where on other hand, VPN works totally fine on all types of different devices and operating system. The VPN service providers like Expressvpn come up with their own mobile and computer application and software to make it easy to connected with different servers.

Internet speed test:

There is a big difference between internet speed of proxy and VPN. on VPN, you are the only one who are enjoying the 100% speed of internet where on proxy website, the internet speed is being shared with hundreds and thousands of people, basically its depends that how many users are online at a time. So, VPN is great in term of internet speed test between proxy and VPN.

Protection from malware:

Proxy does not guaranteed you any protecting from spamming, spyware and malware viruses. Actually there are some ads on proxy websites which mean to send you malware so you make purchase and the proxy website earn money. VPN provides you 100% protection from all types of spamming, viruses and malware. You won’t even see any ads due to which the malware and phishing threats causes.


On the bases of comparison above, the VPN are better than proxy because its provides you better security and features which are not possible in proxy services. Get you VPN today in cheap rates are Expressvpn and enjoy internet without worrying about security and privacy with its high protection features.

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