Is uTorrent Safe ?

is utorrent safe
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Is utorrent safe 2016 ?

The concept of torrent is not new anymore. Anyone who is using internet is aware about torrent and how you can get benefits through it by downloading premium content for free. This premium content could be anything including movies, music, eBooks, software and any other form of digital content. To make torrenting easy, there are many software and web client has been developed by different companies, one of them is Bittorrent where its tiny client called uTorrent is much famous due to its features and reliability. It does not contain any kind of third party ads, make downloading very fast where you can also manage the bandwidth. uTorrent is also known for its stream torrents instantly feature which makes it possible to watch movies while they are still downloading. You can also easily search a well seeded torrent through uTorrent’s search engine.

Indeed, uTorrent is one of the amazing thing happened but have you ever think about its safety? Using uTorrent is not safe for everyone to use. Specially, if you are living in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and other countries of Europe then you cannot really free to download and upload torrent files because according to latest amendment of piracy law worldwide, it is illegal to download and upload any copyright content without the written permission of owners on public and private trackers of torrents.

In past few years we have seen many cases in which random people from different countries like America and England has been fined for millions of dollar for uploading music, eBooks and movies on torrent websites where in extreme cases many owners of torrent websites has been jailed for life time. Hence it is proved that downloading, uploading and even seeding a torrent file is not safe at all whether you are using uTorrent or any other powerful torrent client.

Why uTorrent is not safe?

utorrent unsafe

  • Torrent is illegal in majority of countries and there is special piracy law for digital content like movies, music and software etc, due to which you can be fined and jailed. In some countries, you are not allowed to upload torrent. Different countries has different laws. In some countries you can download software but not music and video files.
  • Torrent clients like uTorrent exposed your privacy to anyone. When you download a torrent file, upload a file or even seed a torrent file, uTorrent show your IP address to everyone. Even on private trackers, your IP address has been exposed to everyone.
  • As uTorrent does not hide your IP address then anyone can see that what are you downloading including porn or anything you don’t want to tell anyone about it.

So, what is the solution?

It is a famous saying that “problems come with solution”. You can download, seed and upload torrent files by hiding your identity and this could be done with the help of VPN. VPN is  a virtual private network which allows you to surf internet, including downloading and uploading torrent files with anonymous identity. Basically when you use utorrent client on a virtual private network, no one will be able to identify your unique IP address including your internet providers because VPN provides you a virtual IP addresses of totally new identity of your choice. But it is not really easy to find a reliable VPN service providers. It could be costly if you did not research about it, where not all VPN service providers provide you option to use their VPN for torrents.

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Just like other online services, there are many companies who are providing VPN services; paid and free but there are only few of them which are providing VPN for torrent clients like uTorrent. ExpressVPN is one of them. It does not just hide your IP address but also provide you’re the list of fastest VPN servers which help you to download torrent files very fast and smoothly.

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ExpressVPN Torrent features:

To learn more about ExpressVPN, we need to learn about its features and how it works to make your utorrent use safe and secure from internet police or internet service providers.

Its protect your privacy:

No more need to be worried about your online privacy once you start using ExpressVPN. Its convert your internet traffic and also hide your IP address. No one can every knew that what are you surfing on internet and what type of torrent files you are downloading.

ExpressVPN is super fast:

It makes downloading torrent files super fast. One of the most problem you face after using VPN is the slow internet speed because share the same server with other users too. There is no issue of internet speed with ExpressVPN because they provide you the list of dozens of unique IP addresses and VPN. You have always freedom to exchange your VPN with other if you feel the slow speed.

It has its own application:

ExpressVPN come with its own easy to use VPN application. You have no need to insert VPN information in utorrent to hide your identity, once you start the software, it will hide your identity for all internet usage, whether you are surfing a website or downloading a torrent, your identity will be hide automatically once you start ExpressVPN’s application. This application also works on iOS and Android devices and free to download.


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100+ VPN available 24 hours a day:

Once you purchase the premium package of ExpressVPN, you have freedom to use VPN among 100s of them. These all networks are completely secure to use. You can also select VPN on the bases of country, internet speed and language. There are more than 70 countries are listed including super fast servers of USA, UK, China, Japan France and Germany. Getting identity of a new country with the help of ExpressVPN is very simple. Next time when you download a torrent file with VPN, it will not show your ID address but IP address of a country you have selected to show.

ExpressVPN is providing you 100% privacy, fast and secure VPN network. By using this amazing services you cannot just get freedom to surf internet fast, download torrents files but also its guaranteed you your privacy with its SSL ultra secured connections.


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  • Good information! Thank you
    I am singup to Expressvpn it’s amazing software ! Thank you for recommend this service !

  • I am use expressvpn from 2 years … It’s very fast vpn and i love expressvpn support .. Very fast response

  • What happen if suddenly law enforcement wants to check my computers and i have VPN and i have illegal downloads but not caught by ip address. (Suspect me)

    Is it safe that i downloded file and i delete torrent,vpn and browsing history? Is there any history left they can find out or there is no option except RESET?

    • If you use VPN No one can see your information in your PC… and law not suspect you (More Than 52% From People use VPN today And the law Know That) yes it’s safe download …
      but why you will delete vpn after finish download ? VPN very important in our life Today …

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