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IPVanish Review 2017

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IPVanish Review 2017

IPVanish is a new service provider, which is comparatively new than several other VPN providers. It made quite a few amendments to reach the mark in this viable market. I did a little bit of research before actually buying the product. During my research, I found out that the company is truly aiming to reach the top position by hiring the best technical experts with more than fifteen years of experience in the network field and security. They maintain an extremely big and stable tire-1network   and the team is very exciting in taking control of their policies, especially, no-log policy    across all their servers. IPVanish service claims to have the best service, and I will completely agree with them.  I am really impressed with the services. According to me, their service deserves 4 stars.


ipvanish review price

IPVanish is not exactly the cheap or costly service provider. The service is actually available in affordable cost range. The services that they are offering for that cost is amazing and I believe they are providing best services in comparatively low prices when compared to any other service that I have tested before.

Payment Options

ipvanish payment options

Ipvanish accept Most Popular payment options like paypal, credit card, worldpay, bitcoin…ect.

What I feel is IPVanising follows systematic pricing model, which made the service more popular among other competitors.  It offers only one level of service, and if you choose for longer term service you will get discounts and rewards. Initially, I tried one-month service and paid ten dollars per month, and when I was satisfied with the service I opted for one-year services for which I paid 77.99 dollars, with this wise decision I saved 46%. For your information, they also have 3-months package deal that costs 26.99 dollars and allows you to save 25%. So, choose wisely.

Note:  check for awards and discount promotions on the website, as they regularly update the website with updated news.


To test the speed, I tried several servers, and I really like the IPVanish as it is extremely fast. The same speed for any server which is located anywhere in the world.   I find this feature is worth to get 4 stars.


IPVanish service provides easy and user-friendly software application. And, the setup is easy, I did it with less effort, I just need to select a plan, confirm the credentials which were sent in my email and just need to press the download button to download the software.  The list of the servers are given properly along with response time, and like said before, it is one of the best and fastest networks available today.  It is easy to choose the protocols including PP2P, L2TP, and OpenVPN.  The protocol is located next to the connect button at the bottom of the window.  They also offered UDP and TCP for OpenVPN that helped me to switch quickly from one server to other without getting into configuring or menus.  I used UDP to download music and video, and I enjoyed the faster speeds, and with TCP, I downloaded data transfers, which was not that fast but, the software checks the data virus.

The customer support team told me that the IPVanish provides the best tire-1 service across 135 servers located in 59 countries globally. The unlimited server permitted me to switch quickly from one location to another without any waiting time.  The best thing I liked about the IPVanish is that the data transfer is indefinite and there is no speed limit on any application, and the application can be used on multiple devices at the same time.

IPVanish –Dashboard- Windows

The software works perfectly on all platforms, and it is very easy to use, and also, gives a wide choice on server selection.  It gave me direct server connection route with less ping time, but this feature is very common in any other VPN provider. However, when comes to the software and applications, it is defiantly one of the best VPN providers.  It facilitated me to connect and select the fastest servers, and also, monitored network performances. It allows you setup in few seconds and immediately encrypts your private information.

I am a Smartphone person, more than PC or Laptop, and I like to search in my Smartphone. These days, more computing is done through mobile devices, and many people are doing business on their mobile devices.  Like any other intelligent person feel, I also feel the same that the phones are an essential part of our lives. That is why you see several VPN providers in the market are competing today, for everything you need a phone whether you want to check private information or if you want to watch a video. That is why I selected IPVAnish as it works on wide range of OS including iOS, Android and I can also use it on media devices including gaming consoles, or Apple TV. Recently IPVanish got updated, so, now it works on Mac Operating system.


I am absolutely impressed with IPVanish security and privacy policies. It set the bar high by offering outstanding services. The provider has its own tier-1 network, that is why it takes more care and security measure to make sure the privacy of the user is intact all the time.  The security services include NAT Firewall and log-free options, which is a big relief for me.  The service does not monitor the connections, activity is not stored or recorded, and after I signup, they assured me that all my private information is secured. Only one record they keep track is, the timestamp where it checks the amount of data transferred. I am glad that I selected IPVanish as it is true to its claim on security and privacy.  4 stars for this service


Customer Service:

IPVanish claims that they offer the best 24/7 customer service, and best technical support through email.  I can guarantee you that they do what they say. I am thrilled with their enthusiasm and support.  The live chat is certainly very helpful.

In conclusion, what I like the most about IPVanish is its super fast server connections, custom software for any kind of devices, huge amount of location, and the only drawbacks I found is, live support not facilitated properly for outside US timings, and there are no complete information on connection logs. But, I say that the IPVanish is way more worth than any other VPN provider. Try it.

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