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How To Watch Netflix In Europe 2016

Netflix does not required any introduction, whether you are living in America, Canada, UK or any other European country, people well aware about Netflix and how it has changed the way to watching movies, latest TV shows including series and play high quality video games. But sadly, Netflix is not available worldwide. Indeed, Netflix offer their services in most of the European countries but these services are very limited and you can’t watch latest movies and TV series on time. For example if you are living in United Kingdom, then you would be shocked to know that Netflix UK offer you less than 3500 titles where in USA, they offered you more than 10,000. Same like that, Netflix Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Norway and Switzerland has few hundred titles available which are less than 5% of total titles available to Netflix US subscribers in same price.

For a person, who has moved to Europe, it is very frustrating for him to know about this specially if you are already watching the series on Netflix US. My friend James is one of them, who has moved to UK last month from USA and sad to know that Netflix US actually does not work in any part of Europe where Netflix UK is very limited where his favorite series, movies and music is not available.

Netflix is not the only platform which does not offer their services in Europe but you can’t access the most popular websites of America like Hulu, ABS, CBS, Spotify and FOX TV etc.

So, what is the solution? How can a person living Europe can gain the access of Netflix US and watch latest titles on Netflix on time? Well, there is only one solution to gain the access of American websites including Netflix and Hulu and it is to change your IP address to American IP address. How? it could be done with the help of VPN (virtual private network). Some people claims that you can also watch Netflix in Europe with the help of proxy websites but most of proxy websites does not let you to watch online videos due to server load and high volume of traffic. Meanwhile if you get success to find a proxy website which allow you to Netflix in Europe, then let me clear that those websites are full with ads, and they also forced you to download software and visit to other websites which are not secure and your computer can effected by spyware as well.

Change your IP address to an American IP address:

As mentioned before, getting an American IP address is the only way to access Netflix in Europe. Every time when you visit to, your IP address has been noted by Netflix server to confirmed that you are located in America. If you does not have an US based IP address, the website show you a message that their services are not available in your area. So, if you change your IP address to an American IP address, then website let you in to the and you can get the access of all the services they are offering.

Getting an American IP address is not a big deal. It could be done with the help of VPN services. There are both free and paid VPN services providers. I would not suggest you to go with free VPN networks because they are free and everyone try to gain the access of it which makes it extremely slow while not all VPN network allow you to watch live videos. To play videos on Netflix, you need to have high quality internet speed which can be only guaranteed by paid VPN servers like ExpressVPN.

How to get American IP address to watch Netflix:

Changing IP address with the help of VPN is not difficult. A person with very basic knowledge of computer can set up a VPN account very easily. ExpressVPN offers you software and applications for mobile which has been specially designed for the connivance of their users.

Step 1: Download ExpressVPN software on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone wherever you want to access Netflix.

Step 2: Install ExpressVPN software in same way like you install other software. It does not required any special specification of CPU and it could run smoothly on very basic computer and laptop without any up-gradation required.

Step 3: Use your login information to sign in to the VPN. You will get these information when you get registered on ExpressVPN for high quality VPN servers.

Step 4: One you successful login to ExpressVPN server your dashboard will come up with many options. You can choose American IP from there. There are hundreds of IP addresses available 24 hours which allow you to change your IP address to watch Netflix and other websites which are banned in your country.

Step 5: Once you changed your IP address, you can now access Netflix website’s full access which includes all the movies, titles, TV series, music and video games etc.

American Credit Card for Netflix:

You need to have American credit card to sign-up for Netflix. This is not a issue. There are two ways to sign up on Netflix with other credit cards too.

Option 1: Just put USA Zip code when you are signing up for Netflix account.

Option 2: You can use third party services like from where you can get your own American based virtual credit card.

Why use ExpressVPN to watch Netflix in Europe?

Indeed, there are many other VPN service providers too but ExpressVPN is different because it provides you hundreds of IP address from USA and other 75+ countries while its provide you the most high quality and fast internet speed which is always issue on other VPN service providers because they have so many users on one single server. Other than these advantages, ExpressVPN is cheap and offers you different billing packages from one month to one year. You can also save more money by purchasing one year subscription package.




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