How To Get a VPN

How to get a vpn
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How To Get a VPN ?

Indeed, we all agree that internet is not a secure place to share your information with anyone but do you know that browsing a website can also affect your privacy? Yes, when you visit a website or open an application on your mobile phone, through website cookies, the website owner can get information about you including your online activities like what type of websites you are visiting etc. Other than that, when you use internet on public Wi-Fi hotspots, your information can be tracked by the one who is providing the access of internet through Wi-Fi router. In past few years, we have read number of news about online privacy breach. Even, the big companies like Facebook and Google failed to provide security to their users regarding to their information. But it does not mean that we stop using internet. Virtual Private Network (VPN) could provide you online security and protect your privacy.

What is Virtual Private Network?

Internet and online suffering can be secure with the help of virtual private networks (VPN) who create a bridge of security between you and website you are visiting. With the help of VPN, you can not only hide your identity, but also get the identity of different countries through which you can get access of websites and services being offer in that specific country. For example, if you are living in England and want to get access of Netflix US, then this can be done with the help of VPN by changing your IP address to US IP address.

In start, VPN was very expensive and only used for business purposes and by the government organization to protect their online activities. But with the passage of time and technology, VPN is now available to general internet user. Even there are some companies who are offering free VPN services as well.

Why people use VPN ?

There are several reasons due to which people use VPNs. The main reason behind using VPN is the online security of the user. No one wants to and should be compromise with their online privacy and data security. Today, we own almost all the private content in our Smartphone and computer devices. Through internet, the hackers can get access of these data. It’s all start’s from IP address. VPN change your IP address and its become impossible to track your original IP address which can aid to hackers in hacking.

The other reasons behind the use of VPN includes to unblock the banned websites, utilize those services which are not available in your country like access of Netflix etc. Students use them to unblock social networking websites. Business owners use VPN to protect their online transactions and home user use VPN to unblock censored content and services etc. So, if you are one of them, then you probably need VPN right now to get more online freedom and protect your privacy.

How to choose the best VPN ?

It is not really easy as its sound like because there are hundreds of VPN service providers who promised you to provide you high quality internet speed, option to get connected with thousands of online servers and also promised you about your online privacy. Selecting one among all is not possible specially if you have not used a VPN services before. Following I am sharing a quick tutorial, how to select high quality VPN company:

Step 1: Now you need of using VPN:

Until you don’t know why you want to use VPN, you can’t get a perfect solution of VPN. So, know the reason behind getting VPN services. Do you want to use it for business use or just for home use etc? The prices could be different on your need. Usually VPN for business came in high prices along with high connection speed.

Step 2: Compare VPN companies with each other:

To get best deal, you need to compare different VPN companies with each other on the bases of price, internet speed, customer services, features and their online rating. You should also consider the number of servers they are offering to their users. The more countries and cities are added, the more freedom of using internet you will get. (Read Our VPN Reviews) By doing this, you can easy select the one which does not just only fit with your requirements of VPN but also best in term of price, internet speed and features etc.

Step 3: Read online reviews about VPN company:

Once you know that which company is best for you, don’t simply purchase the package. First of all you need to read the reviews about that company on different websites. Read that how does their current customers feel about their services. What type of difficulties they are facing and how does they rank the company’s customer support etc. Read Also Voted best VPN Service For 2016

Other than above three steps, you can also take advice from your friend who are currently using VPN services. Currently I am using ExpressVPN and I will suggest everyone to use it. This VPN solution is not only best for home users only but also for those who want to use VPN in their business.

Why I am using ExpressVPN? Because of their high quality features, fast internet speed and high quality of online privacy protection.

  1. ExpressVPN are among those VPN provides who has 99.9% uptime with high internet speed
  2. Unlike any other VPN company, ExpressVPN provides you unlimited bandwidth
  3. You have option to switch to unlimited servers of your choice anytime
  4. ExpressVPN comes up with their own customized software which makes VPN easy to use
  5. They provides you different security protocols like PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN and P2P etc.

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Always remembered that selecting VPN is not just picking another company to use their services. You are choosing an online security protocol for your online privacy. So, make sure to do your homework instead of just picking a random VPN company on the bases of their price only.

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