How To Change Your IP Address

how to change ip address
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How To Change Your IP Address

There are several ways through which you can easily change your IP address. Some of them are very basics. For example, if you are using an internet connection which provides you dynamic IP address, then you can change your IP address simply by turning of your Wi-Fi router or just unplug your modem. Every time you restart your modem, your internet service provider will change your IP address to new. This is how dynamic IP works. But changing your IP address through this way won’t gone help you in any ways. Your privacy will be same like it was on old IP address while your online activities can be tracked by any one if you are using internet on public Wi-Fi connection. Even in case of private, your internet service providers can easily access that what are you doing on internet including reading emails, voice communication and browsing history etc.

In case of static IP address, you don’t have much options to change your IP address instead of using free proxy websites or VPN services (paid or free). As compare to proxy sites, using VPN services is a great way to change your IP address in case of static and dynamic IPs because proxy websites are extremely slow, many users are using the same website at a time which makes web browsing extremely slow where there are so many ads appear on proxy websites and sometime it can forced you to download or visit un-wanted software and websites which can track your information. So, proxy websites are not a safer way to change your IP address, if you are really concern about your privacy and security and don’t want to compromise with internet speed.

Free online proxies does not work on mobile devices because they are mean to develop for desktop users. To change your IP address on mobile phone you really don’t have any option other than having a dynamic IP address but same like desktop users, changing dynamic IP address does not really names any difference because you can be still tracked by other people etc.

So, what is the solution to change IP address?

VPN (virtual private network) is a great way to change your IP address and get a new identity of your choice. It could be based on different country, state or even city. by using VPN, you does not only change your IP address to new but also its benefits you in many ways like your privacy becomes very secure, no one can track your internet activities, downloading, browsing history and important data in case if you are using internet for business or research purpose. Also, VPN can be a great way to keep you online video and voice chat private from others. So, before we learn that how to change IP address through VPN and what is the benefits of using VPN to change IP address, first we learn the benefits and reasons behind changing IP address.

Why Change your IP Address ?

Why not? Many people still concern that why they need to change their IP address. Well, its depend on your need. Following I have mentioned some of the basics and core reasons behind changing the IP address:

Un-block the blocked content:

If you are living in a country where there is internet censorship, then you probably need to change your IP address to view banned content. Many schools and universities in America and Canada banned entertainment content on their internet like YouTube and music sites. So, if you want to surf those sites, then you need to change your IP address. In Middle Eastern countries, the porn websites are banned, so if you want to access them, you need to change your IP address.

Make your online surfing secure:

No one likes to share their online surfing and downloading with other people. But sadly, when you are using internet on public Wi-Fi connection, your activities can be trace. Specially if you are using internet on public ISPs like coffee shop or library then the person who has access to internet can hack your mobile or laptop and even he can track your activities without hacking.

Get benefits of services like Netflix:

Netflix is not truly available in European and Asian countries. But if you change your IP address to American IP address, then you can get full access of Netflix and other services like this which are still not yet available in your country. Defiantly, Netflix is just an example, a person living in USA can view BBC player and its TV shows by changing his IP address to Britain because their services are not available in USA.

Enjoy torrent for free:

The main reason behind changing IP address is to enjoy torrent services from where you can download free latest music, movies, eBooks and video games. So, if torrent is illegal in your country, then you probably need to change your IP address with the help of ExpressVPN to enjoy premium content for free.


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How to change IP address with ExpressVPN ?

There are many VPN services providers who provide you access to VPN for free and paid through which you can change your IP address. But I will highly suggest you to use ExpressVPN which is a paid VPN service provider. Why? Because its lead you to the best VPN features and high internet speed. Indeed, you can change your IP address through free VPN websites but you cannot get the full access of internet like your downloading is limited, you cannot download and upload torrent files while how could you rely on a free VPN service providers where so many other people are using the same server?

ExpressVPN is best option because they has their own customized software and mobile application which allow you to change your IP address on desktop, laptop, tablets and smart phones. Other than this, ExpressVPN also allow you to download and upload torrent files and make sure that your privacy and security is anonymous from government. No one can caught you ever if you are using ExpressVPN to change your IP address.

You don’t need to be an expert to change IP address ExpressVPN. You need to download their software, install it and run. It will provides you many options including selecting a country which identity you are willing to get.


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