How to Be Safe On the Internet

How to Be Safe On the Internet
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How to Be Safe On the Internet 2016?

Internet is now become the part of our life. A life without internet is not possible any more to be a successful business owner, get entertainment without boundaries and get information without any censorship. But at the main time, internet could be danger especially when you are not aware about your online privacy and security. A person who is providing you internet can get access of your private information. If you are using internet though public hotspot then the access of your important content could be go in wrong hand. Whereas the business owner, you online video and voice calls can be tracked by your competitors and your business ideas can be go viral without your permission.

In past few years, we have seen so much work has been done to make the internet a secure place to get information and entertainment but still there is not enough solution has been found which guaranteed you 100% security and provides you complete privacy. The popular companies like Google and Facebook where you provide you maximum information has been also failed several time to provide your security because their database has been hacked several time.

Why you need to be safe on internet?

Before we talk about different trick how to be safe on the internet, first you need to understand your need to be safe in online world because not every person required spending money on internet security. If you are a person who use internet to do very limited things like getting information school assignments and that’s it, then you probably no need to get worried about your online privacy and security because you are not sharing any of your personal information to anyone. But in case if you are registered with at least one website like Gmail, hotmail, Facbeook or any website where you have mentioned you name and other details, then you should concern about your privacy because this information could be used by any one.

You need to be worried about your privacy only if you are using internet on public hotspot or on someone else computer and mobile. Because the other users of same hotspot can track your online activity easily with the help of software.

What is the solution of online privacy?

There are number of ways through which you can protect your online privacy. For of all, prefer to use your own personal computer and mobile device every time when you suffer internet. Do not open those web sites and mobile applications which requires you to enter your email address and password. Also avoid to use social media websites and applications because you have provided maximum information about yourself there including your videos and photos. These could be go on wrong hands. Do not use internet on public hotspot because your online activity can be tracked.

The above mentioned ways will restrict your use of internet because you can’t do most of the things on public hotspot while using internet.

Online proxies and VPN networks can also provides you privacy and online security because they both are used to changed your online identity. No one can ever track your online activities, what are you download and what type of websites you are visiting.

Among proxy and VPN services, VPN is considered more reliable way to get online security because its come up with unlimited features while the companies who are providing VPN services also do not track your online activities which means that you can surf internet without worrying about your online privacy and security. For more information about Proxy and VPN please visit Proxy VS Vpn

How VPN help to be safe on internet?

The concept behind virtual private network (VPN) is simple. When you connected to internet through VPN networks, it’s give you a new identity by transferring you to virtual IP addresses. These virtual IP addresses online private network could belongs to any city and country of the world. For example, if you are an American and surfing a website though VPN server which is based in Egypt, then your online activities will be saved as an Egyptian surfing internet instead of American.

With the help of VPN services like ExpressVPN, you can also take advantage of bypass the censorship which has been restricted by the government or your internet services provider. In America, you can download and upload the torrent files or while you are living in England, then you can watch all the shows of Netflix which are not available in your country but available in America.

VPN service providers like ExpressVPN has made the life of internet users very easy and opened many doors to the entertainment and more information which has been restricted by your government.  VPN does not just provide you 100% security and online privacy of your content and browsing activity but its also allow you to visit restricted websites and download torrent files.

How VPN’S benefits you over your privacy and security?

VPN services come up with number of benefits. Other than security its can provides you many other features and options to surf internet with more freedom. The number of features depends by the company from where you have purchase the services of virtual private network. For example, if you purchase the basic plan of ExpressVPN, then you will able to enjoy all the features of VPN without any restriction. In term of security, you till get the following benefits by using VPN servers:


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Enhance your online security:

Most of people use VPN due to the online security reason. With VPN, your data has not been stored and encrypted anywhere. Some companies may store your data for temporary time of period but most of them does not do. For example, ExpressVPN does not store your data. By securing your data with the help of VPN, you are being safe from the hackers eyes. For business point of view, you must consider to take advantage of VPN technology to keep your business issues secret from hackers who may hack and sell the list of your clients to your competitors. In, we have seen many cases in which the important data of companies has been hacked through internet. So, do consider to use ExpressVPN to enhance your online security.

Surf internet anonymously from any where:

One of the biggest advantage of VPN is that you can surf internet anonymously. As compare to other services like proxy and hide ip software, VPN provides you totally new identity of your choice. You can choose the country and city of your choice with the help of VPN. Hide IP software and proxy may offer you the same features but its effect your internet speed because many other number of users are being connected with the same virtual private network due to which the speed of internet has to be share among the number of users and your identity could be leaked. Where at other hand with VPN, there is no chance of leakage of your identity because you are the only one who is using the VPN at a time of your own choice of city and country.

Control and monitor the information:

Many companies use VPN services to remote control the information, which means that you can access the information through any place with the help of VPN. This will increase productivity and you will able to provide access of important information to number of people at a same time. Where you don’t need to be worried about the security or leakage of this information because it is up to you to select the number of people who can access your company’s content. In other ways like cloud hosting or email, there is always chances of hacking because you cannot monitor the hosting account, it is in the hands of company who that cloud hosting or providing you email services etc.

Unblock websites and bypass filters:

Other than getting online privacy and security. You can surf those websites which has been blocked by government including using those services which are not available in your country due to law or the company who does not offer the services in your country. This has been done by changing your IP address. Suppose that a website has been blocked on your internet due to many reason which could be pornography or security. You can only visit to that specific website only if you change your IP address and your identity, which could be possible only with the help of VPN. Once you get the new identity, then you are able to visit block content and take advantage of those services which are not available in your country. If you are living in Turkey and want to see latest movies through Netflix, then you can do it by using ExpressVPN which will provides you American identity through which you can view any TV show or movie through Netflix.

Start caring about your online security and privacy of your information. Get yourself secure with the help of ExpressVPN.

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