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HideMyAss Review 2017

hidemyass review
Written by alinux

HideMyAss Review 2017:

Almost everyone uses the internet nowadays but the question is “is it safe?”. There are alot of harmful threats on the internet that can damage not just our computers but our lives as well. But this is the digital era and almost everything can be connected to the internet. So people wanted to maximize their connectivity, speed, and security. Hide My Ass VPN can help us with that.


hidemyass prices


Hide My Ass offers 3 packages:

1. Smart-ass
This is Hide My Ass VPN’s most popular plan. For only a one time payment of $78.66. You can get Hide My Ass VPN for 12 months and that is only $6.55 per month. You can save 43% from the regular monthly price. Now THAT is being a smart-ass.

2. Half-ass
For 6 months you’ll be able to get Hide My Ass VPN for a one time payment of $49.99. For a 27% discount, a $8.33 per month price is still a half-ass deal for half a year.

3. Kick-ass
Now if you are the type of person that loves traveling abroad and you just need Hide My Ass VPN for a short period of time. You can be a kick-ass and subscribe for a month for a full price of $11.52.


Hide My Ass’ secured payment options are powered by Truste certified privacy and Norton secured. Hide My Ass VPN offers privacy and security in their product. That is why they made sure buying their product is safe and secured.

1. Credit card
You can pay online using your VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or Maestro credit card.

2. Paypal
Paypal allows payments or money transfer through the use of the internet.

3. Bitcoin
Bitcoin is known as a virtual currency and Hide My Ass VPN recognize and accepts Bitcoin as another payment option.

4. Bank and wire transfer
Electronic funds transfer or money transfer from one bank account to another bank account is accepted.



Hide My Ass is so reliable you can use it with other internet base softwares like utorrent and Vuze without slowing down your internet speed. Hide My Ass’ servers are so stable you won’t experience any loss of connection. You can enjoy surfing and downloading without any hassles.


Hide My Ass’ customer service is as reliable as what their product offers you. They have a large community forum to answer all of your questions. Hide My Ass offers live chat or email support if you want to talk to a staff. Hide My Ass even keeps you informed with new offers, updates, and promotions.


Hide My Ass has multiple servers world wide with over 95,000 IP addresses. They have VPN servers in Africa (22), Asia (49), Central America (6), Europe (260), North America (371), Oceania (13), and South America (13). You have more options to select which server you want to use and select an IP address. You can even change it whenever you wanted to for free. You’ll be in different places each time you surf. It’s like traveling all over the world, virtually.


Hide My Ass’ user friendly interface helps you navigate easily when choose your server. It shows you which server is the closest to your location to provide you maximum connectivity. There is a virtual server map which shows you your physical location and server locations so you can compare the distance of each server. It also recommends the closest server to your location suitable for your internet connectivity. You have an option to select a random VPN server for added security. It lets you select an IP address that you can use and even lets you change it from time to time for free. You can use the help of 3rd party websites that checks the current IP address Hide My Ass provided you. Hide My Ass works on any devices like smart televisions, android, iOS, or any gaming consoles. You can even use it up to two devices without putting stress on your internet speed and connectivity. Hide My Ass has a feature called IP binding that shuts down your Bittorrent program if ever you lose your connection with the server so you won’t expose your real IP address.

There are alot of VPN servers on the internet but nothing is compared to Hide My Ass VPN. It’s much more reliable, the user interface is easy to use, and the price is just right. So try it and see for yourself. I guarantee you it will hide your ass.

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  • I bought HMA membership and was not able to make it work. I recently switched to Hide My IP, it has been a great VPN service so far. At $2.95 bucks a month and the option to choose whatever Netflix country I want is pretty awesome.

    • Thank you for share your experience with us … We was test Hide My IP Software but we found many problems with speed and customer support Very Bad … it’s good price but not good service. We recommend you test ExpressVPN. Expressvpn best VPN service today.

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