Hidemyass Alternative 2017

HideMyAss alternative
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Hidemyass Alternative 2017

If you have been ever used VPN or virtual private network in your life then you would probably heard about HideMyAss which is known one of the best VPN service provider in the market due to many reasons. First of all, HMA has most cheap pricing plans for their customers which are lower than other VPN service providers. Second Hide My Ass also provides you number of different features which are still on their beta on other VPN servers. They provides you proxy for both computer and mobile devices, their VPN software and mobile application works smoothly while its evade hackers to get access of your devices specially when you are using their VPN on open sports like in restaurant, hotel and coffee shop etc. So, if HideMyAss is really a great VPN service provider then why I am still looking for HideMyAss alternative? There are many reasons for that which makes you to move from Hide My Ass.

Why looking for HideMyAss alternative?

Many companies keep the track of their customer’s online activities. Its includes everything from web browsing history to videos you have watched or any financial information you have shared on internet while checking out from an online store etc while some VPN companies did not track and save record of their customers. Hide My Ass is one of them who track and keep save the browsing history of their customers up to two years. Generally its look like that there is nothing wrong if they are tracking your activities and keeping them in their record for two years but think about your privacy. Would you like to share your internet browsing activity with them specially when you are paying money to them? Probably not because your privacy is your concern that’s why you are using VPN services.

Hide My Ass also been in news for their privacy breach many time previously. If they are keeping your record in their system then hackers can get its access through hacking tools and other techniques. It is actually a bad news for those who were using their VPN services for business purposes and sharing their financial transaction. Your information and your privacy is at risk if you are using HideMyAss VPN and Proxy services.

The main disadvantage of using HideMyAss is that they do not offers you the option to download torrent files. Yes, if you are thinking that you can download torrent files by using HMA VPN server then you are wrong. They do not provides their VPN services to download and upload torrent files.

Indeed, HideMyAss is $1 cheaper than other VPN service providers like ExpressVPN but they are collecting your data and while you don’t have option to download free torrents. This is why we have to consider an alternative of HideMyAss. We may compromise with torrent option but i could not share my privacy for two years with Hide My Ass.

What is the best alternative of HideMyAss?

Well, there hundreds of VPN service providers. But you can’t simply signup for one until you don’t know about their features, pricing plans and most importantly how well they are in term of providing you online security and privacy. Indeed, all of the VPN providers promised to protect your privacy including HideMyAss but you can only judge their services once you signup, spend money and use it for a while.

I found ExpressVPN one of the best alternative of HideMyAss for number of reasons. First of all, its offer you three different types of pricing plans which allow you to take advantage of saving if you are looking for a VPN services for long time second its prices are much affordable and cheaper than other VPN service providers who are offering same type of features and privacy protection.

Why ExpressVPN is best alternate of HideMyAss?

ExpressVPN offers you to take trial of their VPN service for 30 days free of cost in which you can experience their internet speed, customer services and also what type of features they are providing even if you have purchased on of their package then you have still option of 30 days money back guaranteed. Its basic plan starts from $12.95 USD per month but purchasing it in bulk (at least 12 months) you can get it in only $8.32 USD only.

expressvpn Review

With the purchase of ExpressVPN services you will not just get best privacy and data protection but also many features like:

  • Unlimited bandwidth: ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth and data usage for everyone. Whether you purchase for 30 days or for 12 months, all of the users will enjoy the unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited switch: Most of VPN restrict you to use specific number of IPs with 24 hours limited ExpressVPN provides you option to switch to unlimited servers all around the world.
  • Customer supports: ExpressVPN is known for its five start 24/7 customer supports which includes email, ticket system, telephone help and live chat. You will be get response to your email within few hours.
  • Multiple locations: ExpressVPN ‘s servers are located all around the world. They provides you thousands of unique IP addresses from 78 different countries and 100 of different locations.
  • Application: ExpressVPN has designed their own applications for mobile users and software for computer users to make it easy to use their VPN services.
  • Support torrent: ExpressVPN offers you option to download and upload torrent files without any worries.
  • Security: Provides you security of data protection because ExpressVPN does not store users logs.
  • Speed: High internet speed to watch HD movies without buffering problem.
  • Uptime: Up to 99.9% uptime 24 hours a day, whole week.

These are some of the basics features and benefits offered by ExpressVPN to all of their users in very cheap rates. Other than this, if you compare ExpressVPN with HideMyAss, you will found a big change in customer support and internet speed which both are much better and fast in term of responding back.

ExpressVPN Voted #1 Best Hide IP VPN Service On The World !

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