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How to Download Torrents Anonymously 2017 via VPN, Proxies, or BTGuard

How to Download Torrents Anonymously 2017 via VPN, Proxies, or BTGuard
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How to Download Torrents Anonymously

Torrents do not really need any introduction since they have become part of news in late 2013 when number of popular torrent websites got permanently banned by governments in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and many other countries. It is not illegal to download or upload a torrent file as long as you are the owner of the content or you got permission format he owner. The problem occurs when you upload/download the initial property of someone else on torrent.

Just because torrent is considered illegal in US, UK and Canada, it does not meant that people living in these countries are not enjoying the free content through torrents which includes free movies, TV shows, games, music, books, and software. When it comes to technology, there are always some tricks and tips available. In the case of torrents, it is possibile to download free files from torrents even if you are living in a country where downloading files from torrent is not legal and consider crime. In this help guide, I will introduce various ways to download torrents anonymously including proxies, VPN, BTGuard and seedbox.30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Importance of Downloading Torrents Anonymously?

Before I share the tutorial, how to download torrents anonymously, it is necessary to understand the meaning of torrent and why it is safe to anonymously download torrents even if it is not allowed by the government or your ISP.

First of all you need to get straight in your mind that in countries where torrenting is considered illegal, someone has been fined or jailed for downloading torrent file. A user who downloads free files through torrents does not get fines or punishment for downloading a file in first attempt. Usually you get three warnings before there is any legal action taken against you. Getting these warnings is also very unusual because ISPs do not report against you for downloading and uploading files on torrent. If they do, then their business along with their business reputation gets affected.

Not all torrent content is illegal to download. Some torrent files are available by the permission of their owners. For example, if you want to share a file with the world, then you can use torrent and allow people to download it for free. The problem only surfaces when you download a file which has been uploaded on torrent without the permission of the owners.

As an online user, your IP address works like your identity card. Downloading torrents anonymously can protect your online identity and provide you extra layer of security by changing your IP address. Through number of different ways, you can change your IP address to a specific country of your choice or randomly select a country to download torrent.

Different Ways to Download Torrents Anonymously

There are several ways to download torrents anonymously which includes VPN, online proxies, BTguard and seedbox. The most popular among all is VPN. You not only get a new IP address through VPN but it also protects your online activities from you ISP. VPN providers, in general, do not save your Internet log and history.

I would not suggest using proxies to download torrent files because these services usually share the same Internet protocol with all of their users. Thus, your Internet speed will affected. A file which take less than 10 minutes to download, can take more than 30 minutes. Another big proxy disadvantage is that you do not have option to know that which country’s IP address has been assigned to you. You cannot change your public IP address as per your desired country.

BTguard is a good alternative for proxies because it is the part of BitTorrent. BitTorrent is client which allows you to download torrent files. While BTGuard allows you to download torrents anonymously, it still leaves your Internet traffic exposed an not encrypted when you are surfing the web.

The third and most reliable choice is using VPN to download torrents anonymously. VPN stands for virtual private network, securely encrypts all of your Internet traffic. As compared to other alternatives, VPN is best because works with torrents and beyond. This means that you can surf the Internet anonymously, download torrents,  and unblock geoblocked websites and streaming channels.

Use VPN to Download Torrents Anonymously

While VPN is a great option to download torrent anonymously, not all VPN service providers support downloading and uploading torrent files. Some VPN providers blocked torrents on their network. That’s because torrenting requires high Internet bandwidth. So, before you select a VPN service provider, make sure that they allow you to download torrent files anonymously.

Both free and paid VPN service providers are available. For a newbie, going with a free VPN could be a better choice to take a test drive before actually purchasing a premium VPN package to download torrent files anonymously. The good news is that some premium VPN service providers offer their users 30-day money-back guarantee. That means you have enough time to test the different features of VPN which includes Internet speed, bandwidth usage and server uptime.

Step by Step Guide to Anonymously Download Torrent Files

To download torrent anonymously with the help of VPN, follow these instructions.

  • First, You need to download the VPN app.
  • Installing the app does not require any technical knowledge. If you have installed any software on your PC before, setting up the VPN app will be easy.
  • Once you have successful logged into the VPN app, you will see flags of different countries.
  • Select the VPN server you want to connect to.
  • Download torrents anonymously.
  • The IP address you share in the torrent swarm is that of the VPN server you have connected. The public IP address your ISP has assigned to you is hidden.

ExpressVPN is a VPN provider which allows you to download torrent files anonymously without sacrificing your Internet speed. ExpressVPN comes  with number of features other VPN services do not provide. These features include unlimited speed, bandwidth, and 100% uptime. You have the choice to change your online identity to more than 80 countries with hundreds of VPN servers. ExpressVPN have their own personalized VPN apps for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. You also benefit from a 30-day money-back refund. Here is a list of other top VPN providers you can use to anonymously download torrents.


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Download Torrents Anonymously – The Wrap Up

There are several ways to download torrents anonymously. While some of them have advantages and disadvantages, there are no major cons with VPN. Use ExpressVPN  to download torrents anonymously without compromising your Internet speed.

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