Do I Need VPN

Do i need vpn
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Do I Need VPN ?

VPN is for everyone, whether you are a home user or using internet at office for business purpose. Why? because VPN provides you security, privacy, makes file sharing easy on same private network while it can also help you to unblock the blocked content on internet. But still, many people may not found VPN useful because they are not really active user on internet. But wait, whether you are an active internet user or not, you probably need to concern about your security and privacy. What, if i told you that the others users on opened Wi-Fi spot can read your emails and get notification about your internet activity? The solution is VPN, specially the paid VPN because it’s come with unlimited features and also confirmed your security in exchange of very little fee.

You probably hear or read about VPN which stands for virtual private network but if you have not used it before, then you should. Why? following I am sharing with you some basic reasons which makes you to start using VPN services right now.

You are living in a country where internet is censored:

The first reasons to have VPN is to uncensored the block content. All around the world, almost every country has blocked specific types of websites. For example in most of Middle Easter countries, you can’t browse pornography but with the help of VPN you can access any type of website without worrying about your privacy.

You can access those services which are not available in your country yet:

Some companies offer their services to specific countries like Netflix. If you are living outside the USA and Canada then you can’t have access to Netflix files and TV series. But VPN can give you US based IP address identity which allow you to access Netflix and many other websites like Netflix in any part of the world. Virtual Private Network offers you the IP list of many countries including USA and its states so if you want to access services which are not yet available in your country, the VPN can give you freedom to enjoy them.

You can download and upload torrent without any worries:

Torrent is illegal in most of the world. Specially if you are living in USA, UK and Canada then you will not only fined for downloading a few minutes music but also they can put you in jail for uploading movies and other copyright content. VPN provide you privacy, no one including government can access your activities. You can download unlimited movies, music, software and eBooks for free through torrent websites while you can also share you premium data with other people.

You are worried about your privacy?

Don’t be because VPN works like condom, you can do everything without worrying about your privacy because VPN hide everything from your internet service provider and if you are using internet on public Wi-Fi then you can still surf anything on your mobile and laptop with the help of VPN without concerning your privacy. If you are using internet for business purposes and you don’t want to that any once access your important information then VPN can help you with this. Even a website you are visiting will not able to track your IP address and location if you are using VPN.


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