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Buffered VPN Review 2017

buffered reviews
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Buffered VPN Review 2017

Buffered VPN is based in Hungary. It is getting a popular VPN company due to its location because there is no DMCA and DRD policy restrictions. Recently we have tries their services to know that how well the company if offering what they are promising on their website. The following review of Buffered VPN will surly going to help you if you are planning to purchase their VPN package.

Plans and Pricing:

buffered plans

Currently Buffered VPN is offering three different types of pricing plans. There is no difference in all of them if you compare them on the basis of features and options they are offering. These three plans has been divided on the bases of prices only. There is no discount if you purchase their monthly plan, it cost $12.99 per month where the annual plan cost $99 per year which makes its only $8.25 per month. This will save you 36% per month. The third plan cost only $9.99 per month but you have to purchase it for six months. Total saving on Bi-annual plan is 23%.

All of these three plans includes The 30 days risk free money back guarantee, which means that you can get your complete money back if you did not happy with Buffered VPN services. Other features which including with Buffered VPN plans are ultra fast servers in 31 different countries including hundreds of servers in different cities, highest level of security, option of unlimited server switches and unlimited bandwidth etc.

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Payment options:

buffered payment

While most of VPN service providers offer many payment options but this does not happened in the case of Buffered VPN because there are only two primary ways to pay for their VPN packages which includes payment with PayPal and payment with credit card. So, you need to have one of them if you want to purchase any of their Buffered VPN plan.

Features which Buffered VPN offers:

While Buffered offers many features but the following features should be noted down before you decided to purchase Buffered VPN plan for your online security, privacy and data protection:

  1. Number of servers: Total number of servers currently Buffered offered are located in 31 countries which includes countries from Europe, America, Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa etc. The internet speed on all of their servers are equally stable and internet works very smoothly.
  2. Multiple connections: Buffered offers you option to get connected on multiple devices at a time without sacrificing with internet speed. You can use single Buffered account on mobile phone, Smartphone, laptop and tablet at a time.
  3. Data logging: Data logging could be a big issue for many of you because no one would like that the company store data of your online activities. Buffered VPN is very clear about their data logging options. They do no store any information of your online activities on their servers.
  4. Unlimited bandwidth: Buffered offers you completely unlimited bandwidth with their all of the VPN plans. This is a great news for those who are looking for VPN solution with unlimited bandwidth. The speed is same from first day of the month to the last day of the month.
  5. Protection of your privacy: If you concern about your online privacy and don’t want to share you location and internet activities then use Buffered VPN because they provides you complete online privacy protection solution by offering the offer of change IP address and not saving your online activities data log.
  6. Unblock any type of content: Unblock the blocked content including popular platforms like Netflix, Torrent and those websites which has been banned by government or workplace etc.
  7. Easy to install and use: Buffered VPN’s custom application and software is easy to install and use. They have separate application and software for Windows, Linux and Mac users.

Internet speed:

Buffered offers extremely high quality of internet speed. We have tested Buffered VPN on different operating systems including Windows, iOS and Linux and found that there is no much difference in internet speed on different operating systems. If you get 3MB internet speed without VPN, then you would get maximum 2.9MB download speed with Buffered VPN where there is not much changed in uploading speed as well.

Customer support:

Unlike other VPN companies which are currently leading in VPN services list like ExpressVPN; Buffered VPN offers very limited ways to get support. Currently they are only offering you option to get support through only email option. But the average time of their response is about 20 minutes which is a good news for you. They have FAQ section for their customers which solve almost all the basic and advance queries and problems related to VPN but still the options like live support and telephone support is missing which is a big disadvantage of using Buffered VPN services.

Pro and Cons of Using Buffered VPN:

On the bases of above features, price and plans, customer support and, security assurance and internet speed, the following are those pros and cons which I would like to mentioned. This will help you to chose whether you should purchase Buffered VPN or not.

Pros of Buffered VPN:

  • Buffered VPN is based in Hungary which means that you don’t need to be worried about DRD and DMCA policy
  • Smoothly work on all different types of devices including PC, laptop, Smartphone and tablets etc
  • Unlimited bandwidth with high quality of internet speed with almost no off time 24 hours and 7 days
  • Customer services included already made tutorial to solve your problems to get connected with VPN
  • Buffered VPN’s email customer support is highly effective and they reply back within minutes
  • The company offers you 30 day hassle free money back guarantee on all of their plans and packages.

Cons of Buffered VPN:

  • While the customer support of Buffered VPN is good but still they don’t have live support option to get connected
  • There are very limited number of server includes. 31 servers for VPN company is enough to attractive
  • Bit costly if you compare it with other VPN companies like ExpressVPN on the bases of features
  • Limited number of ways to pay on purchase. Only PayPal and credit card options available.
  • Currently Buffered VPN does not support Android 2.x operating system.


On the bases of above review, we would like to rate Buffered VPN 4.5 to 4 stars out of 5. The main points which effects the rating is few payment and customer support option and not availability of Android application for Android users.

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