Best VPN for Online Gaming 2017 to Reduce Lag, Latency, DDoS

Best VPN for Online Gaming 2017 to Reduce Lag, Latency, DDoS
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Best VPN for Online Gaming 2017

Many gamers are conscious that VPN services can unlock an inventory of advantages including low latency and improved speeds. This is why using VPN for online gaming is so crucial. Due to encrypting and encapsulating each information packet, connecting through a VPN server might slow your connection down. However, to access geo-restricted gaming servers for MMORPG & MMO game titles which are only available in Japan, US, UK, and traditional Asian markets, gamers happen to be using VPN services and proxies.

Traditionally, VPN suppliers have not consistently offered speed edges for gamers. However, some of the big VPN services strategically now provide international gaming servers which efficiently reduce ping times and improve latency. Thus, VPN popularity is booming among online gamers worldwide.

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Why Should You Use a VPN for Online Gaming?

  • Avoid Network Blocks: It is possible to visualize several pupils downloading the most recent mods and skins. As a result, bandwidth network can be slowed down by hungry gameplay. Because of this reason, many IT admins block access to online gaming servers at schools and colleges. The lone way around would be to get a gaming VPN service to avoid limitations and get unlimited use of typically the most popular games that are online.
  • Access MMORPG/MMO games anywhere: There are several popular MMO games which are geo-limited, meaning unless your IP address is from a particular location you cannot play those games online. ExpressVPN and other VPN providers remove these geo-blocks enforced on gaming servers.

VPNs Have the Potential to Raise Your Gaming Speeds

You may frequently find that perfect servers have high ping since you get the quickest speeds near the closest server. It is possible to connect to your distant server nearer to your game servers place through the use of a VPN.

By connecting to a remote server through a VPN, you could have your remote server place seem closer to the gamer server. That, consequently, reduces latency. The ability to alter your server place is crucial for online games that don’t have enough servers. Occasionally in games that are popular, you’ve got no option but to connect to a server farther away from the local connection.

VPN Protects You From DDOS Attacks

While DDOS is considerably more regular in the tournament scene (where substantial quantities of cash are concerned), it sometimes happens for you if you get on someone’s weak side. After all, DDOSing is not difficult. VPN is an excellent tool to shield you against DDOS attacks. The truth is, gaming teams are sponsored by lots of VPN suppliers and have special services to protect them against DDOS attacks.

VPN Reduces Lag and Latency

You can use a VPN for online gaming and consequently reduce lag and latency when playing the following games online.

  • Pokemon Go
  • DOTA 2
  • Overwatch
  • Minecraft
  • Counter Strike Go (CS Go)
  • Sim City
  • League of Legends (LoL)
  • Team Fortress 2 (TF2)

Which VPN Should I Pick?

We understand there’s a ton of VPNs out there–and regrettably, there are lots of bad eggs out there as well. However, if you need something that’s simple and fast to setup, won’t give you any slowdown, and is affordable, I recommend using ExpressVPN. Sure, there are VPNs that are free out there, but they may be lacking the characteristics a secure, premium VPN service brings to the table.

ExpressVPN is easily among best VPN services. Because of the fact that a unique private server runs, they may be capable of offering the lowest latency, which, of course, is perfect for gaming servers. Not just that, but because ExpressVPN has VPN servers located all over the world, you’ve got lots of choices for finding the lowest ping times.

Some VPNs aren’t actually suitable for online gaming. Nevertheless, Express VPN continues to be tailored to work with games. Here’s a list of the top VPN providers for online gaming.


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Top VPN for Gaming 2017 – The Conclusion

In the gaming world, a millisecond in latency or lag can be the difference in winning or losing an online battle. If you pick the right VPN, you can gain an advantage against your online opponents, regardless of which games you play online on your PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One.

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