Best VPN for Torrenting 2017

Best vpn for torrenting
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VPN (virtual private network) is the service which is created on internet to provide the access to the internal networks. VPN is the service which is created to share files on the internet in a legal way. The use of VPN enables to share, send, receive, and download files using a private network. It establishes a security bridge and creates a person to person connection, by using encryptions and virtual protocols. It extends a private network to a public one and enables the users to join a person to person network.  There are different companies which are providing this VPN service to enhance the efficiency of network and to provide convenient access to information, data and different media files. Torrent is a best way to download those files which are not accessible easily. Torrent makes it easy to share and download the files without disclosing the actual IP address. Accessing the torrent file by using some VPN makes it easy to share or download the file and it keeps you private.

The benefits of using VPN for file sharing and downloading are:

  • Your IP address will remain private
  • Trackers will see the IP address of the VPN service provider
  • All the data will be encrypted and your IPS will not be able to see the data which you are downloading
  • VPN service will not break your privacy

Torrent files are very easy to download, VPN service prevents the trackers and other networks to track or access our IP address. There are different VPN services which are working to establish a network and to create point-to-point, user to user connection and interaction. All types of files can be easily uploaded on the internet to enable the legal access to data. Torrenting is referred to as copy right piracy. All VPNs do not support Person to Person network service to ensure the privacy of users, but it prevents from the attention of copyright holders. Best VPN of torrenting can be decided by reviewing the popular VPNs, but ExpressVPN is still going on the top.


It is one of the good VPNs, and a good selection for users and servers. It is available in more than 60 countries and also available in the neighboring countries. It has been tested on the web by and showed very good results. You can visit IPVanish here.


It is a Bulgarian company and has many servers all over the world. It first provides a seven day free trial and then allows users to buy it. It comes with a 7 day money back guarantee. To visit VPNArea, click here.


The VPN with off-shore location, located in Malaysia, somewhere in Malaysia. Some features of this VPN are best, for example it has excellent encryption, it allows P2P (person-to-person) downloading, excellent connection speed etc. It has some additional features like, 2 simultaneous connections, “xcloak” servers, SmartDNA include. This VPN also accepts Bitcoin. To visit BolehVPN, click here.


The most popular VPN today is ExpressVPN. It uses an excellent system to allow file sharing and downloading. It is the number one system on the top with reference to VPN. ExpressVPN is on the top with respect to, software system, security, speed and service. ExpressVPN covers almost 78 countries. It will not work only if you are in some separated, remote, isolated place like Patagonia, Gobi desert, etc. It is the most valid and featured one among the VPNs. Almost all computers, operating systems and phones support this VPN. The service provider has a very quick service. If you are facing any problem, or issues in using the VPN, they will resolve it immediately.

It comes with 30 day trial which makes a great difference. The privacy and security policy of ExpressVPN is best. It opts for OpenVPN, and the most secure encryption protocol. You can use what you want, weather PPTP or L2TP. Its roots are in British Virgin Islands (BVI), which shows a great deal of benefits that this VPN does not come under the strict laws of Data retention. Entire service runs by sharing different IP addresses. Speed is amazing and users do not face any speed issues.

Following steps are required to gain access to ExpressVPN:

  • Visit the ExpressVPN Official website
  • sign up by using your email address. (do not use fake email addresses)
  • Choose a payment method of your choice
  • You will be re-directed to the instruction page, where they will tell you “how to download for different systems”
  • After downloading, you will have options to choose the way you want to use VPN
  • Here you go!

Working speeds also depend on the region, where you are using this VPN, for example, In US, the speed is averaged almost 2Mbps while Dutch servers averaged the speed almost 25Mbps.

Some speed tests :

expressvpn torrenting


ExpressVPN shows the exceptional functionality with excellent high quality performance. The only disadvantage of ExpressVPN is its high price.


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The recommended VPN, after reviewing the best ones, is ExpressVPN. I, assure you (without any biasness) that you will have a great experience with ExpressVPN. The customer reviews about this VPN are very positive, showing its reliability and excellent performance. Torrenting is always a fun, if you think it so. But if torrenting harms your privacy (is uTorrent Safe), it does not make a sense. So, using some Best VPN for torrenting is the best way to hide you and secure yourself from spammers and hackers. Remember, you IP address can be hacked, so you should have to secure yourself first. ExpressVPN is reliable in this way and does not open up any secret. It comes with great encryption service and highly efficient work to serve the users. Torrenting itself is illegal, but when it is for personal use, it is totally legal and it comes under the legal use of copyright media. Enjoy torrenting, file sharing etc with ExpressVPN.

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